fLTR: Dominic Siegenthaler (Drums), Andrea Scuderi (Lead Vox, Guitars), Alex Gardey (Bass)

Blind Call

Alternativ hard rock from Aarau Switzerland. Formed in 2023. Blind Call describes their music as a mix between the Foo Fighters and The Offspring. Their first two singles "Run Run Run" and "Can't You See" are already out and available on all common platforms. 


Can't You See

The band's second single was released on the 10th of november 2023. Can't You See is available on all common services and as download on bandcamp.com.

Run Run Run

The band's first single was released on the 8th of September 2023. In your face rock with heavy guitars and drums tight as fuck. "Run Run Run" is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and many more streaming services. 


Apple Music


11.02.2023 - Flösserplatz Aarau AG w/ Selbstbedienung die Band & No Mute
30.09.2023 - Kiff Aarau AG w/ The Vibes & Simia Sapiens
21.01.2024 - Dynamo Zürich ZH, SPH Bandcontest
17.02.2024 - Flösserplatz Aarau AG, Valentines Bash Vol. IV
24.02.2024 - Mundwerk Kultur Biotop, Oerlikon ZH
20.04.2024 - Dampfschiff Brugg AG
07.09.2024 - Bar Manhattan Rheinfelden AG


All of our merch is available on our Bandshop acount:https://blindcall.bandcamp.com/merch

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